Spectacle «What the hell» - A. Rohovtseva, V. Shenderovych in Kiev

So I would sell my soul so that ... Every once in a life each of us spoke the phrase. Fix mistakes, make a dream, in exchange for your soul or soul closest. The high price? The answer can be found in the company of the mother, her three adult children and the most devil.

In roles:

  • Andriy Sidelnikov,
  • Irina Selezneva,
  • Ales Mankovskaya

Dramaturgy by Irina Ioannessyan, Natela Boltyanskaya

Directed by Alesya Mankovskaya

Creative producer by Irina Ioannessyan

Duration of the play: 2 hours, with one intermission.

Age: 18+

Production - Producer Company "Stage RC" (London, Great Britain)