You - particularly on our planet

May 17, 2018, at the October Palace, at 19:00. a concert "You - particularly on our planet" will take place

With the participation of talented, popular artists:

  • Ukrainian composer and pianist - Yevgeny Khmara;
  • popular groups "Kozak System", "Lumiere", "Heel on the pavement", "Self";
  • winner of season I talent show "Voice of the Country" Ivan Ganzera;
  • The winner of Season V of the Voice of the Country talent Anton Kupitin;
  • beautiful singer Cyrus Mazur;
  • vocalists Pavlo Sklyarov, Andriy Kravchenko;
  • great ballet actor Jean-Michel Panchuk;
  • Variety of creative groups and Talented Artists with Disabilities.

Do not miss a bright event!

People with physical and psychological problems are "special". The organizers of the concert are trying to let them feel what they want!

The concert will take place within the framework of the charity project "City of professions for special people"

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